Add Usable Living Space to Your Home

Trust us to design a custom home addition

Feel like you're running out of space at home? Hire RD Architectural Design LLC to design a custom home addition so your family can spread out. We have more than 14 years of experience and can handle even the toughest design projects.

We can design:

Bedrooms | Bathrooms | Living spaces

Want to add a second story to your house? We can create the blueprints! Get in touch with us today to speak with a skilled local architect.

Get more enjoyment from your home

Get more enjoyment from your home

Your house might have been perfect when you first moved in, but things are starting to feel cramped. If you're ready to add a new living room or bedroom, call on RD Architectural Design. We can draw up a plan for your home addition right away.

Our owner can even create a 3D rendering of your addition so you can visualize your new space. Call 908-304-8884 today to schedule an appointment with an experienced architect.